When to Time your Flyer Promotion

Posted on August 16th, 2013 | Tags: Direct Mail, Execution, Flyers, Marketing

Flyers: we get them in the mailbox every week, and most of the time they go straight into the rubbish bin. So many of them that we don’t pay attention to them. You are spending your business dollar putting them out there; you don’t want that money wasted. So how do you make your flyer spending as effective as you can make it? Like most things in life, it’s about timing.

Peoples spending habits are dictated by certain cycles. We get the majority of supermarket mailers on Friday because most people do their shopping in the weekend. The big retailers have their flyers and promotions start at the beginning of weeks so that their brand is in people’s minds when they get their pay but before the weekend comes. Start and stop of school semesters, public holidays, big local events like street fairs or sports, they all effect the spending habits of your potential clients.

The question you are asking now is ‘When is the best time to promote my business?’ Short answer it depends on the business. Garden and DIY business promote heavily during the summer months when people spend more time outside. Pubs and bars target big sporting events or long weekends when people are more likely to go out as group social event. Heat pump companies spend more in the winter months when the demand for their product is higher.

For you as a business you should think about the following factors.

  • Are there major public events that will distract or encourage customers to think about my product?
  • When are my customers the busiest? People are less likely to think about a product or service unless it can help them be less busy.
  • When do my customers have the most money to spend? In the business of printing we are the busiest for the two weeks after the twentieth of the month because that’s when most business get paid and have money to spend.
  • Am I competition against other businesses who promote at this time? Can you offer something better than them, or will you just avoid the fight?

If you are unsure of when the best time is to market then just give us, at Copy Express, a call. We watch the advertising habits of business and have a feel for when the most effective time shall be. Just even the simple act of contacting us to explain what you want will help crystallise your advertising plan. We are also ready with advice, you can book a time with us sit down and really plan a strategy to make every marketing dollar as effective as it can be.