Stuck on You – Adhesive Label Options

Posted on April 2nd, 2019 | Tags: Business

Adhesive Labels (stickers) are a very useful tool for your marketing. It is a way of putting your name on the work that you have done in a way the normal printing or packaging can not do. They also offer ways simplifying work like mailing items out, packaging and shipping labels, bag sealing and adding product information to items that don’t have packaging. Read on to find out what we can offer you to find out more about what we can offer you.

Here are the labels we always have in stock to print on demand

  • Mailing Labels – Need to address a lot of envelopes? give us a spreadsheet of the addresses and we can print you out sheets of plain paper peel stick labels. The labels can be as small as a few lines of text to as big as a A4 sheet, and we can include graphics and other cool stuff on it too. These labels can be used for more than postage, you can print anything you would on normal paper, so price tags, information corrections, or even just your business details can be made in to a sticky label. Many of these also come in sizes smaller than what we can cut with our equipment so if you need something small this is the way to go.
  • Gloss custom cut paper labels – Gloss paper cut in rectangles and supplied with a ‘crack back’ paper backing making easy to get the backing off the label. Great for everything from beer bottle labels to bumper stickers. Moisture resistant and can be used outdoors for short term situations. Size can be as small as a business card to as big as an A3 sheet of paper.
  • Plastic custom cut labels – White matt plastic designed to be used in environments where water and temperatures effects paper labels. Available in the same size options as the Gloss labels we can print anything you on them and even add unique details to each one.
  • Freezer/SPF rated plastic labels. These are designed for more extreme environments and are rated to hold their colour longer exposed to direct sunlight than the other label options. While they are the most expensive we have, if you need a label to last then these are the ones to use.

Beyond that we can have available two specialised options that we can order in for customers.

  • Specialised Die Cut sheets – These are shapes like ovals or stars or bottle labels that are pre-cut in to sheets of a4 sticker sheets. We can order in a selection of papers and plastics and print on them like any type of paper. If you want that specialised shape we can supply you with a layout template or create the label for you. Since they are specialised there is a higher start up cost, you pay for fix number of sheets no matter how few the number of labels you order.
  • Specialised Die Cut rolls – This option has the highest setup cost because they are offset printed. The advantage is that once the setup cost is paid then the cost per unit is very low. While they are plain paper, thanks to the gloss varnish coating they can be used where any of our glossy labels would work and they are also rated as food safe if that’s a requirement. 

Need to go even further? If you want custom shapes, materials, or finishes we can organise that for you. We will contact all the specialists in the industry, get them to quote for the job and get you the best deals. More importantly we will take care of everything for you and you only have one business to deal with no matter how complex the job might be. 

This is has been a quick overview of what we can do for you in Adhesive Labels. If you want to find out more then please do contact us here at Copy Express and we can go over the different options to find the one that really suits you.