Stuck on labels

Posted on January 21st, 2014 | Tags: Design, Labels, Marketing, Technical, Tips and Tricks

As highlighted in The Year in Review – The Five Coolest Things I’ve 1done beer bottle labels is one of the cool things we have done this year. Why would this be cool?  A label is a label isn’t it? No it’s not when it’s on a beer bottle. Let me explain why and why you would be interested in it. 

Beer bottles represent a challenge on several levels for adhesive labels. They have to be:

  • Bright and attractive enough to catch peoples eyes, but cheap enough to do in volume.
  • Flexible/thin enough to wrap around the curve of the bottle but not see through when looked at from the other side of the bottle.
  • Able to withstand the cold and moisture of being in a refrigerator so it doesn’t peel off but still be able to be attached by hand if needed

While I do have very specialised plastic adhesive label stock designed for exposure to sub-zero temperature, fade resistant in direct sunlight, and will stick to any surface, these features make it very expensive so it gets used for unique jobs. After some experimentation with the customer we found that standard ‘blockout’ gloss label stock ticked all boxes, so we could do low volume runs supplied pre cut to size were ideal for his needs. He loved out labels so much that he have his testimonial 
I’ve made labels to cover over faulty barcodes on packaging and to update information to meet government regulations, stickers to brand generic packaging or equipment, and to act as a sealing device. Mail merging unique details can us for more than address labels too. I’ve found suppliers to can give us die cut label sheets in your classic non rectangular shapes (circles, ovals, stars, etc). If that doesn’t suit, we can even get customized shapes cut, though this can have quite a high overhead so may not be worth it for smaller runs. If you need to have a large volume printed, then we can work with the specialist companies on your behalf to get you the quantities you need at the price you can work with.

So that’s what is so cool about beer bottle labels; well it has to be cool because who wants to drink a warm beer?