Simple Rules to Make Your Flyers More Useful

Posted on October 15th, 2016 | Tags: Flyers

So you’ve chosen to design a flyer that can be used in any marketing situation at a moment’s notice.
The question is what do you include to still make it something that people have to read and act on. For that matter what do you avoid including so that don’t end up with a stack of flyers that you have to throw out because the details are incorrect. So today we are going to have a quick discussion of what makes for good general purpose flyer and how to make one that will last for longer than a few months.
So what are the rules for a general purpose flyer.
Talk about range not a product
You don’t’ know if you will be carrying the same products three months from now, let alone a year? Suppliers might discontinue products, you might change suppliers, or adjust what you carry in that range. By leaving out the brand and model specifics you can change the products but still have the same relevant information in the flyer.
Talk about what problem you solve not what you sell
Battling over prices with a competitor is a losing game for everyone. Instead talk about what experience you can offer to a client/customer and how you can solve a problem – not merely sell them stuff. This especially good if you can include testimonials as that will always make the sale over saving of a few dollars.
Don’t include a price
If you can avoid it, don’t include a price for anything as these can change at a future date. It also makes it easier for your competition to try and undercut you if they can see the prices you offer. If you have to include it, make sure you include a ‘as at date’ or ‘subject to change’ clause at the bottom of flyer so are protected if you have to change the price and someone comes in expecting to get it at the old price.
If you want to include a deal, make it something that has a cost you can ‘write off’
A write off cost is something that can make a good deal for the customer but that cost to you can be absorbed by the overall profit offered by the deal itself. For example, a restaurant might offer free delivery but only if a minimum order value is met. Another example is the free onsite quote, because you have to be there to make the quote anyway so offering it as a free item is a useful incentive to potential customers to call you.
Point people to your website or social media page
I know that may sound counter-intuitive coming from a printing company but there’s a good reason for doing that. You can constantly update your electronic advertising with very little effort where printed media always takes time to update files and print the flyers. Use your flyer to drive the main points about your business and then point them to your website for more details to help close the sale if needed.
The above rules are just the start of creating a good general purpose flyer to promote your business. Keep in mind that good marketing is usually more narrrow than this – so this is not for every piece that you prepare.  If you want more ideas and advice on what you want, why not see us at Copy Express. We are here to help you get the most from  your marketing so book a meeting with us and we will be glad to help you make your marketing dollars do more.