Make Your Flyers Do More Work for You

Posted on October 3rd, 2016 | Tags: Flyers

Flyers – those little bits of paper and card you fire out to customers to tell them about you and what you do. You fire them out to peoples’ mailboxes and stuff them into their hands, but that is only the start of what you can do with them. With a little bit of planning and a few simple tools you can make that one flyer serve multiple uses, and I’m going to tell you  how.

As you can see from the picture for this article, you should always have your flyers and brochures in a stand on a counter in reception. You’d be surprised how often people will pick one up to read and take them with them. If it’s supplier branded material that’s been supplied to you, have stickers or a self inking stamp you can use so that when people look at the brochure at a later point they will see where the got it from and think of calling you first (this is the ‘no paper leaves your business without your phone number on it’ rule).

If you sell products that have consumables, then include a flyer that promotes those consumables as well as any service or maintenance options as well. Just slip it in the bag, slide under a box flap or even use adhesive shipping docket pockets to stick it on the box outside. It’s also a great opportunity to reinforce to the customer to see you for that add-on if the flyer includes some sort of deal for doing so.

Are you an electrician, appliance repair, or other tradesperson, then why not slot a flyer into the meter box or rubber band it hanging off the power cord. I talk more about this in my article about Unintrusive Customer Retention , but the idea is that because your services are called infrequently having your name right in the spot when they have to look for someone to contact is the way to keep your name in their mind.

Do you work on site for people, for example property / garden maintenance,  or house cleaning? If you are working in one location, why not have a few flyers in the van and drop them off in neighbouring houses to let them know what you are doing. Ones that have spaces you can fill in there and then offering a targeted services are especially effective, e.g., ‘I was just mowing the lawns at 82b and saws that your hedges needed a prune to remove deadwood to give you a fuller hedges in spring call me on…” A variation on this type of flyer is having a section that can be used as a price estimate sheet.

Mailing out invoices to customers is a great opportunity to include a postcard or DL sized flyer to remind them of other products or services they might not have used. You have already committed the expense of postage and an envelope, having someone put in a flyer isn’t going to add any more. If you are about to add something new to your business, then you definitely have to let all your existing clients know about it and this is a great personalised way of doing it.
This has been a small selection of ideas on how to make your flyers work harder for you. If you want more then why not book a consultation with us at Copy Express. We can give you tailor-made solutions to fit your needs and your budget. We love helping customers find ways of making their marketing do more and we would love to help you too.