Easy Ways to Make Calendars and Wall Planners

Posted on September 1st, 2016 | Tags: Calendar, Planners

So you decided that you want to sent out a personalised gift that people will use all year round, a calendar or wall planner. Now you might think it would be a lot of work to make such an item; getting the dates right, knowing where to put the public holidays, how to fit the artwork in, and so on. The reality is much simpler than that, a ready to go callendar can be yours with a few minutes setup and a only a little bit of work and you too have a personalised gift that will have so much more meaning than anything bought from a dollar store or mall popup business.

The first step in the process is to see if you have Microsoft Office or other office application suites like that (Wordperfect, Libre Office, etc.) If you do then you already have the tools to create your own calendars and wall planners. Every application suite comes with a stack of ready made templates for all types of calendars and wall planners ready to use. Pick one you like and fill in the blanks. Now bear in mind that quite a few of them will be set up for other countries so if they do list public holidays then they won’t be New Zealand ones. Also if you pick one that is made for the US then it will be set up for US letter not A4 (though we can work around that when we print the calendars for you.)

If none of the ones built in to the application suite are suitable, just a quick net search will list dozens of websites that are dedicated to making and printing of calendars. Just download the template (remembering to give it a virus scan as templates are often hijacked by nasty people to send out nasty things) then open up in the application it’s designed for. Once again just fill in the blanks and then you will have ready to print product.

From there you can use pre-created templates built by printing companies like us at Copy Express. You might not have the flexibility to change every little detail of the design but you know that all the holidays are in the right places and you just hit the order button and they will take care of the rest.

The final option is just to get us at Copy Express to do the work. Tell us what you need, and supply the text and art required and we will take care of the rest. The advantage of this is can customise the design to every degree, so page size, placement of artwork, how the weeks are placed, etc. While it will cost more than doing it yourself but you have left all the work to us and you can sit back and enjoy that personalised gift for family or clients.
Now if you do want to do it all yourself the two places I do recommend checking are the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment page on Public Holidays so that you have them on the right day. If you want to include the school holiday you can find them here . Have a go at making them and we will print them for you so you have a great gift or promotional item that lasts all of next year