Design Tips & Tricks: Making your marketing stand out by thinking outside the A size box

Posted on September 4th, 2014 | Tags: Brochures, Design, Flyers

One of the cornerstones of marketing is standing out from the competition. With people being bombarded with marketing messages every day, anything different will catch their attention. Once you have their attention, you have that all important opportunity to get your point across and make that sale. A cost effective way of making your material stand out is changing it’s size, not only is it visually different but physically different, doubling its impact. Let us show how to do that in a cost effective way.

One of the ways that Copy Express tries to stand out over our many competitors is our willingness to think outside the box for our clients. Using non-standard sizes can become costly with many printers. But we will work with you to get the best arrangement at the best price, (keeping in mind that we have limits on paper size, etc.) even for short runs.

Let’s take a look at a couple of real word examples where we have worked with clients to make their printed material stand out.

A specialist beauty salon was looking for a low cost way to print both their price list and include a tear off discount voucher that would still be low cost to print for dropping in mail boxes. We realised that a standard A4 would not fit a price list neatly, let alone a tear off voucher. Instead we came up with a ¼ A4 or 74mm x 210mm in size. This allowed for a single column of prices, a tear off voucher at the bottom and we still fitted 8 per printing sheet, so they got them for fraction more than the price as the standard A6. Since then we have reused the design several times where it took only minutes to revamp the design for each new promotion they ran.

We have a long term real-estate client who like has been using us to print special flyers in the neighbourhood around each property he lists and sells to encourage others to list with him. While most real estate agents use either A6’s or DL to do listings, he wanted to stand out from the rest.  Working with him we created a template that gave him 5 flyers on a A3 (210mm x 84mm.) This gives him a unique flyer that has bigger size and impact than a DL while maintaining the same cost effectiveness. As an extra bonus, we created the template for him so he could fill in all the details himself simply and quickly so he only has to pay for us to print them.

Those were just two examples of thinking outside the A size box, and we have done many many more. If you want to try a new direction with your marketing material then contact us at Copy Express today and lets talk.