Design Tips For Mailbox Marketing Material

Posted on May 29th, 2014 | Tags: Direct Mail, Flyers

Since I’ve been talking about doing Mailbox Marketing this month, this would be great time to talk about how to design for this method marketing. While I’ve already covered many things you need to know to design flyers and other marketing design matters, there are special special considerations when you getting dropped in a customer’s mailbox. With just a few simple changes on how you design you can make it a great tool to developing your brand.

You Have To Really Grab Their Attention

All marketing material needs that attention grabbing headline that makes people want to read more. It is twice as important when you are competing with everyone else that is stuffed in to the mailbox at the same time. Make it bold, bright, brash and demanding that they have to read more. Ask them a question, give them a puzzle, make them think about what you tell them so the have to know more.

Plan A Series of Drops

While it is possible (and desirable) to see results from the first mailing – you also want to factor in “brand development.”  By deciding that you’re going to do a repeat drop or a follow-up drop you actually increase the effectiveness.  Even if just repeating the first one you will prompt people to take action who intended to last time, but lost the flyer.

Spend On The Paper/Card And Colour

I’ve quoted for customers to do mailbox drops then find out that they want to print only black only flyers on photocopy paper. I’ve printed them but to me it feels like a waste of the money on the mailbox drop. The simple fact is that you are going to spend a reasonable amount of money to get the flyers out there to potential customers, and you want to them to hold on to your marketing after the promotion is over, and cheap photocopy won’t do it. Spend the money to make it stand out and be worth while holding on too.

Never Have Blank Space

This follows on from the Spend On The Paper/Card And Colour. Since you are spending the money to have the material put into a mailbox, you must make use of every part of it. The cost of printing on the second side of a flyer is only a small price increase over single sided printing. Make use of that second side to reinforce your message or talk about other products and services you offer.

You Can Go Large

The cost for delivering a flyer in to mailbox is charged by address, not by the size of the item delivered in most cases (they generally use weight categories). You can go for larger items folded down to a smaller size, like an A4 folded down to envelope size. Smaller booklets also can be very effective and cost no more deliver. There are a wide range of ways to create a larger marketing item that doesn’t increase the production costs by much.

There is more you can do to make sure you are getting the most of your investment in a mailbox drop. Talk to us at Copy Express and we can advise you on how to make the most of this powerful brand building tool.