Calendar and Wall planner formats

Posted on September 24th, 2013 | Tags: Calendar, Technical, Wall Planners

Calendars and Wall Planners, yep we do them and we can print you 1 or 500 of them. We have ready made templates for the most common formats so we can take your art and information, apply a little design magic and give you a great personalised gift or marketing device. While we can custom design to match any style you want, here are the more popular formats:

Hanging centered stapled

These calendars often have a light-card cover and lighter internal pages that are stapled together like a book with a hole drilled on the ‘top’ edge to hang it with. These allow you have high quality art and information on every spread. You can have them in A3 or A4 portrait size which is the size of the calendar when opened up and laid flat. You can have the traditional 1 month per spread or 2 months per spread if you’re wanting a smaller alternative.

Hanging spiral bound

We use a single sheet of card to provide the top sheet which stays constant throughout the year and has a small hole drilled at the top.  The calendar pages hang off the bottom edge attached by a wire coil to give you a tear off format calendar. Available in portrait A3, A4, A5 or landscape A4 and A5 (the size referring to the size of each page in the calendar). This format is great for a situation where you need to make each calendar unique. A common use for this is the school calendars where each student gets one with their own artwork displayed on the top portion but they use standard date pages.

Desktop spiral bound

We can do desktop calendars too at Copy Express. Mounted on a creased self standing card base, you have the choice of A5 or DL size landscape pages.  Each page can be a different month with image, or you can squeeze two or 3 months onto a page.  We can also do page-less desk calendars with 4 months on each of the three sides (you turn the calendar around to see the next section). While you don’t have the real estate of the bigger formats they are more direct because they are sitting on the clients desk.

CD Case

The CD Case is a plastic case with the calendar pages printed as inserts. You can have either as flippible cards or throw away paper sheets. It’s something different from the traditional desktop design.

Large wall planner

With large wall planners we can give you several different size options – from a small A4 all the way up to A0 (about 1173mm x 832mm). Not just printed on high quality paper, but we can also do it on card and/or laminate them so you can write on them with whiteboard pens. We can even print on both sides.

Smaller wall planner

These are the ‘on the fridge’ style planners. A5, DL and A6 in size generally printed on card and with the options of lamination or a magnet on the back. Great for doing the mass marketing where you are wanting to get your brand out to as many people as possible without a high cost per unit. We can even have the calendar printed on the magnet if you want to go the extra mile.

Is that all we can do? No we are always experimenting in new ways of doing things. You want to make a hanging centre stapled one but in a DL, not a problem. You want to have desktop pad style with a glue top edge, we can sort it out. No matter what you want to do, here at Copy Express we figure out a way to make it work for you.